Peeze samenwerking

A new website for coffee roaster Peeze from Arnhem

Peeze is a coffee roaster from the Netherlands, offering premium quality Arabica beans. They represent honest and high-quality coffee. They are committed to a fully sustainable and fair supply chain.

Peeze samenwerking
Peeze samenwerking

It's time for different coffee

The Peeze brand story is unique and can easily be distinguished from other coffee suppliers. Peeze has recently developed a new corporate identity stating 'it's time for different coffee' and has based this on three important pillars (fair, climate-positive and waste-free). The new brand story could not be sufficiently highlighted on the old website and the existing technology also no longer sufficed. This was for Peeze the perfect opportunity to ask Stimmt to develop a new website for them.

This is Peeze

Whereas Peeze used to mainly focus on the business market, it is now also possible for private individuals to order the tastiest coffee directly from Peeze. We have made this option jump out on the website using icons with links to the business and private web shops. The website's visitors are addressed and inspired to the max with blogs and tasty recipes.

Peeze samenwerking

A playful and recognisable style

Peeze stands for honest, climate-positive and waste-free. These elements stand out on the homepage. Peeze's sustainability story and especially their fair supply chain take on a central role on the website. The style that Peeze developed for this proposition was used as the basis for the design; from the rounded corners of the buttons, to space for images and the recognisable menu icon.

Quickly find what you are looking for

The convenient menu structure and the accompanying icons ensure that you, as a visitor, can immediately find the information you are looking for. Based on predetermined target groups, specific landing pages have been created that are directly accessible from Google or via the website.

Subtle CTAs ensure more conversions

We have developed a handy aid that helps visitors find out which coffee machine best suits their home or work situation. Once the visitor has made their choice using the filters, they can read all about the options and technical specifications on the underlying details page and request either a demo or more information with just one click.

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