Digital Development

We develop sleek technology that performs optimally.

Our strength? Coding. Besides a visually appealing and conveniently set out ‘front-end’, we give it our utmost on the ‘back-end’ to ensure the digital product performs as smoothly as possible. Whether you need a website, web shop, portal, intranet or other tailored application: we’ll construct it exactly to your specific requirements.


Op de afbeelding zien we de ingang van het Stimmt kantoor in Enschede. Er staat een oranje bank en in de rechthoek planten.
Dean en Paul zitten op de trap in het gebouw waar Stimmt in Amsterdam is gevestigd. Dean heeft de laptop open, op zijn schoot.

Systems we love

Supported by the very latest trends and developments, we hone the design into an outstanding user-friendly digital product which works efficiently and smoothly on every screen. We closely monitor security, traffic and scalability and never forget to ensure your digital product is future proof and convertible.

Our specialists always look well beyond the immediate horizon. For example, if you need to link with a discrete system or wish to integrate existing software, then Stimmt can of course take care of this for you. Just like for the ideal domain name and suitable hosting.

Want to know more about our stack or knowledge? Get in touch with Onur.

Onur Kirikoglu
Head of Technology