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With an assortment of over 60,000 products, Gartenwelt Emsbüren is one of the largest garden centres in the German market.
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Online store with a focus on experience

At Gartenwelt Emsbüren, it's all about the experience. This experience is enhanced by the adjacent Emsflower visitor park, where you can take a peek behind the scenes of Europe's largest bedding and potted plant nursery.

Stimmt has realised a Magento 2 online store for Gartenwelt Emsbüren. Through this new online store, Gartenwelt wants to offer an even more extensive assortment and respond to customer needs more effectively. The orienting visitor should be inspired and informed online and should be encouraged to buy an online product or even drop by the garden centre.

An extensive assortment

How do you ensure structure and organisation within an online store with a large variety of categories? The Gartenwelt assortment is vast and is only expected to grow in future. Because of this, a proper structure that allows visitors to easily find their way to the desired product is essential.

One example of this is our implementation of distinctive icons at the highest level for the categories. These icons appear throughout the online store. On top of that, the visitor will be able to easily choose from the assortment on the category pages.

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Flexibility within Magento

Customers often ask us about the flexibility Magento offers for the creation of landing pages. To give our clients more freedom in page creation, we have developed our own, custom solution for this.

As part of this solution, customers are presented with a set of blocks, which can then be deployed within a page. There are no limits to this, so customers can add these blocks to each page in whatever way they prefer.

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Visit Gartenwelt Emsbüren

In addition to being able to easily buy a product through the online store, online visitors also need to be encouraged to visit the garden centre. That is why it is important that the feel of the physical store is also conveyed online. We want to spark the online users’ curiosity. We do so by showing atmospheric images of the garden centre, and by creating space for attractive text to engage the customers.

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Experience is the priority everywhere

At Gartenwelt, it's all about experience and service. The same goes for the adjacent Emsflower visitor park. Gartenwelt Emsbüren also wants to inspire its customers online, and we were able to help them with this.

In addition to the awesome images, we also use the green circle, which has a pulse effect, to clearly communicate which products are available through the online store. This way, visitors see a product in a certain setting, and that draws their attention. They are inspired and will immediately start imagining what a certain garden table would look like in their own garden, for example. We call this anticipatory excitement. We stimulate this emotion by showing the future reward.

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Result and follow-up

The first version of the new Magento 2 online store was launched in June 2021. Since Gartenwelt Emsbüren had never sold any products online before, we had no information on which products would sell well. That is why, in the coming months, we will gather information about the user experience and popular products. Based on this, we will continue developing the online store.

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More information?

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Daniël van Weezep - Business Developer at Stimmt Digital B.V.

Daniël van Weezep

Business Developer